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Bon Appetit

I just knew that these little side plates belonged in my collection of goodies and would be used over and over again, both for photography props and for actual serving of food. It just so happens that I have a dinner set of black dishes and very lovely black goblets by Mikasa, so my mind was running around in circles with ideas as I was making my way to the cash register . . . . oh the combinations I could put together for a very contemporary tablescape . . . . 

Fast forward to a food photography class that I participated in last weekend. Oh so wonderful, and our fearless leader, Sandy Weatherall of Jinsei Photographics infused and infected all of us with her knowledge of 25 years in this field. Each participant had to design their own photo including props, food and backgrounds. They were all so different and we learned from each other as the creative process unfolded. For this scenario I chose to use my new-found treasures, the Bon Appetit plates, and made ginger cookies as the food item.

As part of Studio Online, I chose this diptych to portray this week’s prompt Stacked. You are given a word each week as a prompt to create a still life photo according to your vision . . . . . the creativity in this group is beyond amazing and so inspiring . . . . the creative juices just start to flow as everyone displays their interpretation of the prompt and your mind just goes into overdrive!!! If you are looking for inspiration and exploring your inner soul in the field of photography, I highly recommend being part of this community.

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Polka dots . . . pretty much in any colour and on anything . . . even shoes


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